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Precision Vehicle Wraps - Job Application Facebook / Instagram Ad


Job Application Facebook & Instagram Ads


Edmonton, Alberta

Precision Vehicles Wraps Edmonton was spending over $300 a month on Indeed and receiving zero job applications. They contacted us to create a Facebook & Instagram ad to generate job applications as well as increase brand awareness.

Using Facebook and Instagram Ads with a standalone application landing page we targeted people in the automotive industry or interested in vehicles in general. We wanted the ad to pop out and "stop the scroll" so we ensured we had a flashy and creative video to go along with the ad. Some of our unique value propositions to potential candidates included competitive wages, work-life balance and career advancement.

These Facebook & Instagrams Ad campaigns were extremely successful. In 25 days we were able to reach over 23,881 possible candidates and had over 1,112 people click the link to apply. We also kept the cost-per-click down to $0.52! Precision Vehicles Wraps Edmonton received 16 quality applications and hired one candidate!

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